Culture and arts

Mexico is renowed around the world for its cultural richness, both historic and living.
Not only does it offer facilities for business development, it also provides a cultural environment that is favorable for investors seeking artistic recreation options.

  • Mexico is the leader in the Americas, and sixth globally for the number of places declared World Heritage Sites by Unesco.
  • Mexico is ranked fourth in the world with ten World Heritage Cities (after Italy, Spain and Germany).
  • More than 45 thousand archaeological sites are registered and legally protected, 183 of them have the infrastructure to receive visitors; those sites represent Mexico's varity of cultures and regions.
  • Visitors to Mexico can enjoye close to 115,000 historic monuments that were built between the 15th and 19th Centuries.

Mexico is renowned for its intense daily cultural life. Every year, Mexico hosts more than 400 culture festivals and book fairs take place in Mexico, among whic are:

Mexico’s Auditorio Nacional is ranked as the number one international venue for the performing arts ( Billboard Touring, venues for ten thousand people).

In addition to the Mexican's people proverbial hospitality, beaches and the wide biodiversity of natural settings, Mexico has 54 tourist destinations of such cultural wealth that they have been named “Magical Towns”.

Mexico's pre-Hispanic and modern art collections are outstanding and exhibited in 1,044 museums. in addition the country also has 42 centennian theaters and more than 1,000 popular holidays and celebrations throughout the year, showcasing its wonderful cultural diversity in dance, music, song and expression, particularly its rich and internationally renowed gastronomy.